About Ron White

Ron’s passion for karting started 30 years ago with his father and brother and he has continued the passion by starting RWR. Ron’s primary goals in offering his expertise and managing his kart racing organization are: Helping people get the most out of racing, helping people achieve their race goals and maximize racing and driving potential.

Ron White is a renowned sprint kart driver known for his exceptional skill and accomplishments in the world of kart racing. Hailing from San Jose, California, White has carved out a distinguished career marked by numerous victories and accolades.

Throughout his career, White has demonstrated remarkable talent behind the wheel, showcasing precise control, strategic racing tactics, and unmatched speed on the track. White’s achievements include multiple championship titles, podium finishes, and record-breaking performances in various karting events and competitions both in the US and abroad. His consistent success has solidified his status as one of the top drivers in the sport, garnering respect and admiration from the karting community worldwide.

Beyond his on-track prowess, White is known for his dedication to the sport and commitment to excellence. His relentless pursuit of perfection in his engine program and tireless work ethic both at the shop and the track serve as inspirations to aspiring drivers and enthusiasts.

In addition to his achievements on the track, White is also actively involved in promoting karting and nurturing young talent within the sport. Through coaching, mentorship, and sponsorship, he seeks to cultivate the next generation of kart racers and contribute to the growth and development of karting as a whole.


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