Arrive and Drive Events:

  • The rate per kart/Driver is $595 per kart for us and $30-$80 per driver to the track depending on where we drive. This covers travel, general wear and tear on the karts, fuel, lunch,  mechanic, coaching and driving gear. Crash damage is extra. For the amount of work to get all the equipment to the track and give everyone enough laps to get comfortable with the karts it is a full day event usually starting at the time you prefer and done by 4pm.

  • You don’t necessarily need a Kart for every person in your group.  But if two people plan to take turns they need to be approximately the same height and weight due to the Seat and Pedal configurations on each kart.  Weight not to exceed 275lbs

  • We would need the height and weight of each person planning to drive, along with a signed Waiver form that can be filled out on our website.

  • We would need a billing address and invoicing details by email and once the booking is paid, the event is booked.


Please Note: Reservations Are Always Required!

In all cases, reservations are needed 48 hours ahead of time for any arrive and drive event. Check our calendar for upcoming dates.

Annual Celebrations
(Holiday Parties,
Birthdays, etc.)

Individuals or Groups
Interested in Motorsports
& Racing

Parties, Corporate Events
& Team Building

$495 / Day

Cadet Kart (45+ mph, 7+ years old)

$595 / Day

Rotax Kart / L206 (65+ mph, 12+ years old)

$795 / Day

Shifter Kart (85+ mph, 16+ years old)

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